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Site to organize takedowns of copyright infringements

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by sms_mitschs, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. sms_mitschs

    sms_mitschs New Member

    Level: Community
    Hello all,
    I started on 1st of July this year with a service for fighting against copyright infringements. Because of the delicate nature of the businesses I protect with my services I do not go too deep into details. Also there is a big need to protect the privacy of all individuals.

    All in all I use Fabrik to maintain personal data, links to infringing content, maintenance of the emailings needed, and to maintain the links. A growing knowledge base, based on the links provided feeds a crawler to collect additional data.

    As soon as I produce countable income from my services I surely upgrade to a professional plan.

    Thanks for providing such a great tool box and application builder. Please keep up this great work. I really appreciate the work the guys behind Fabrik do for us!!

    For those who are interested, here the link to my site:

    Main modules/components used beside Fabrik:
    - Akeeba Backup
    - EFSEO
    - Helpdesk Pro
    - Membership Pro
    Purity III

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