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[solved] ISSUE: Custom Edit URL working correctly

Discussion in 'Community' started by aijosh, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. aijosh

    aijosh Member

    Level: Community

    Want to report an issue with using the custom edit url while also displaying same list's module on the edit page.
    I have a list module with a users record where he/she can click any of the records to edit but..
    I had to dump using it because of this (..and a stupid, record not found error - which displays above the loaded record - even with the regular edit link untouched).

    If you are using a custom edit url and specify a Menu item in the link, the edit url of the current record in the list module becomes the sef url of the menu item (this is actually the correct behavior) but in this case it becomes an issue.

    The issue is if you decide to click the edit url of the same record again, a new form is loaded instead of the edit form of that record.

    Not the expected behavior.
  2. aijosh

    aijosh Member

    Level: Community
    Ok so for my particular use case, removing the current row from the Fabrik List Module would work as they really dont need the link to the current row since they are in it already, so I'll find time to use a php event list plugin to do this..... Once my rowid placeholder starts working :(

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