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Struggling with WHERE in advanced filter - Cascading Dropdown

Discussion in 'Standard Support' started by arcadeicons, May 23, 2017.

  1. arcadeicons

    arcadeicons Member

    Level: Community
    I'm trying to filter a Cascading Dropdown element

    List - "All Tournament games", built from table `repeat_tournament games` and two joined tables, `select_game` and `add_tournament`.

    I'm using the following query to successfully filter labels for the dropdown...

    Code (Text):
    (SELECT name
    FROM nfojm_djc2_items, select_game
    WHERE nfojm_djc2_items.id = select_game.gamecatalogID
    AND select_game.id = {thistable}.add_games
    AND select_game.allow_scores <> 'no')
    But this gives me blanks in the dropdown as it's only filtering labels.

    When I try and add a filter to the advanced WHERE clause...

    Code (Text):
    select_game.allow_scores <> 'no'
    I constantly get the error of unknown column 'select_game.allow_scores'. I've tried placeholders, the column alone but constantly get the same error, even though the column is clearly viewable in the list.
  2. arcadeicons

    arcadeicons Member

    Level: Community
    I worked around this with another approach so it's not an issue any more.

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