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Table filtering, I'm trying to have one filter dependent of other, but doesn't work

Discussion in 'Community' started by AlexTCGPro, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. AlexTCGPro

    AlexTCGPro New Member

    Level: Community
    Hey, I got this element called 'Cursos' which is a databasejoin element and this other one called 'Areas', another databasejoin element.

    In the form, 'Areas' would remain empty until a value for 'Cursos' is set. That works fine. Now I'm trying to get the same while filtering the database.

    I made 'Cursos' a dropdown filter, and it works fine, but then I made 'Areas' another dropdown filter but it's empty, always empty, no mater what value you put in 'Cursos', it doesn't seem to update at all.

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