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Use viewlevel or user_id to filter view for a list

Discussion in 'Community' started by paulsteigel, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. paulsteigel

    paulsteigel Member

    Level: Community
    Dear All,
    I would like to have your advice with following case:
    I have a table named product(Id, name, descriptio,user_id).
    Requirements: I would like the list to view all records of that user (edit/deleting allowed) and also records created by other users of the same access level/ view level (edit but not delete).
    Please show me whether I am right or wrong with filed settings in table products? Whether it can be done with just Pre-filter options?
    I am newbie to fabrikar but having great interest in fabrik
    THank you very much for tour attention.
    Yours very faithfully
    Dang DInh Ngoc
  2. danielbidala

    danielbidala Member

    Level: Community
  3. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    What do you mean by "the same access level / view level"?

    For example, if I belong to "Registered" and "Office Staff" ... should I see all records by anyone in both Registered and Office Staff?

    Or do you have a single, specific Access Level you want to restrict the test to?

    -- hugh
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  4. paulsteigel

    paulsteigel Member

    Level: Community
    Hi Cheesgrit
    Thank you very much for your post.
    I have been guided by Hugh by giving a prefilter for user_id Or 1=1. This has somewhat solved my requirement but not for all the cases.
    Given an Example that
    I am belong to a group name FoodSafety Authority (A) and I myselft under the Board of Director(B) Of higher level than Food Safety Authority
    There are also user those are producer of food(C).
    So I would like: When A access they can see all things proposed by C but not B, When B log in they can see all A and C posted while C can only see what he posted.
    THis is a bit complicated as I am helping farmer to register their food chain with agriculture management authority. And still stuck in this circumstances.
  5. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    Trying to use view levels in a query is problematic, because for reasons I don't quite understand, J! decided to use a flat, JSON structure for the group / access level relationship. So instead of having a (say) #__viewlevel_group_map table, with entries like ...

    level_id, group_id

    ... they have a single #__viewlevels table with the group ids as a JSON array

    id, title, ordering, rules
    2,Registered, 1,[6,2,8]

    ... so the group ids are in the [6,2,8]. WHICH makes it pretty much impossible to do any direct querying of the sort you need, where you would need to join the user table, the user_usergroup_map table to the groups in a viewlevel.

    So you'd probably have to do this with a PHP prefilter (type 'eval'), which returns a set of user ID's.

    I have a feeling I provided someone else with a similar solution in the last year or so. Try searching the forums for getAuthorisedViewLevels, see if you come up with anything.

    -- hugh
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