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using 'today' as a filter pre-fill

Discussion in 'Professional Support' started by skyrun, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. skyrun

    skyrun Active Member

    Level: Professional
    i am using this url to show a fabrik list with prefilled filters.


    i use 'today' because it's on a menu item for 'Today's Arrivals'. (that's my use-case for wanting 'today' to work, so i can have a menu item that pre-fills in todays date). i would like for 'today' to be based on joomla's timezone setting for the joomla it's running on. however it seems as if fabrik interprets 'today' as UTC/GMT today.

    this behaviour seems to have changed in the last 2-3 months (my users report... i hadn't noticed). it changed so that when they use the link above it shows the day at UTC. Meaning at 5pm MT, it switches to showing tomorrow. (ie a day that won't arrive here for 7 more hours). Does this no matter the joomla tz setting, server/linux tz setting or mysql db tz setting (which are all mountain time).

    i know 'today' was supported in v2 fabrik, but i think not initially in v3 fabrik. perhaps someone added support, but is using php's gmdate vs. date? i can see using gmdate if the date element being interpreted has 'UTC' selected, but i have selected 'local time' for my date element, so i would want 'today' to be the current day for the tz joomla it's running on.

    perhaps this article helps: https://compojoom.com/blog/entry/how-to-use-jdate

    * i have joomla/fabrik sites running in 5 different time zones on my server, so we must use the joomla timezone which is set for each vs. the 'server timezone' for storing our dates.
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  2. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    I added a fix for that last year:


    ... although it looks like I moofed 'today' and added an extra convert, which I just fixed:


    But also ... you are using the wrong query string. Don't do "between today and today", just do ...


    ... which yields a query like this:

    Code (Text):

    WHERE ( (CONVERT_TZ(`fab_date_test`.`normal_date`, "+0:00", "-06:00") >= CURDATE() AND CONVERT_TZ(`fab_date_test`.`normal_date`, "+0:00", "-06:00") < CURDATE() + INTERVAL 1 DAY) )
    Well, after that github fix. :)

    Nope, doesn't help, as we don't support per-user timezones. That's something I'm looking at for 4.0, with a complete rewrite of the date element.

    -- hugh
  3. skyrun

    skyrun Active Member

    Level: Professional
    for my needs, i'm looking for a per joomla-instance tz (in case that helps). but yes, joomla users can override with their own tzs, but i don't need to support that.

    note that your suggested url gives a 500 error:


    i have to include the 'today' in there for it to work.

    i'll test it tonight at 5pm to see if it sticks to 'today'. note that i would like between today and month +1 month to work also with my 'next months arrivals' menu item.
  4. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    Oh, my bad, I meant TODAY not BETWEEN. That's what generates the query I pasted.


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