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Which one do i have to install ?

Discussion in 'Installation and Upgrading' started by atadesain, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. atadesain

    atadesain New Member

    Level: Community
    Hi Guys,

    i am new member here, i plan to install fabrik but i don,t which one do i have to installed.

    in download download section there are some version ,
    - Fabrik 1.0.4b

    - ***PATCH***1.0.4 BETA

    so which one do i have to install ?

    which one is already stable for use in online site ?

    and when the version 2.0 will be released ?

    thanks for your helps

  2. andrelewis

    andrelewis New Member

    Level: Standard

    Well the 1.04b has an actual install in it, where the patch isn't installable by itself.

    You would have to install the 1.04b and follow the instructions in the patch to update it to the current version.

    You should probably look at the wiki as well, I've been trying to help out and added some info on how to get the latest versions etc.

    The guys who make this component have said the 2.0 won't be out for a while, there is no firm release date for that.

    Hope that helps,

  3. atadesain

    atadesain New Member

    Level: Community
    Thanks lewis, but i still getting confuse here,

    i have installed of the file fabrik 1.04b, then do i have to install the Patch file called " - ***PATCH***1.0.4 BETA " ?

    i have read wiki, it is to much in technical explanation, i am here newbie user....


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