1. The 3.8 code for Fabrik is now available on github, in the 'master' branch. If you are familiar with updating Fabrik from github, we would appreciate it if you could test this code on J! 3.8 for us. Once we have some feedback, we'll build a 3.8 release.

Order Groups within a Form

Jul 1, 2013
Order Groups within a Form
  • A form is comprised of groups each of which is comprised of elements.

    If your form or list has more than one group and you would like to change the ordering of the groups:
    • Go to fabrik > forms
    • select your form for editing
    • click the 'groups' tab
    • click the 'add', 'up', 'down', or 'remove' buttons to sort the groups in the order you would like
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