1. If you update to Joomla 3.8.10, please make sure that you either do a full GitHub update of Fabrik, or disable caching for your lists (in the Advanced settings) or turn off Joomla's System Cache setting. A change in Joomla's cache code in 3.8.10 required a fix in Fabrik, which will be rolled in to the next release, but is currently only available in GitHub.
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Jun 26, 2013

  • What is a package? (top)

    Fabrik's package feature allows you to create installable components from a collection of your Fabrik forms, lists and visualizations. These components can be installed on any Joomla site which already has Fabrik installed.

    Designing a package (top)

    First you create your list, forms and visualizations as normal. Then you would go to the add package admin page to design the packages layout.

    Create a package (top)

    Go to components->fabrik->packages and press "new"

    A page will appear where you can select lists & forms

    Once you are happy with the selection save the package.

    Export a package (top)

    To export the package go to components->fabrik->packages, select the package you want to export and press 'export'

    A success message should be shown and the zip file listed ready for download

    Installing a package (top)

    A Fabrik package is a Joomla component - simply install it as you would any other component. Note you need to have fabrik installed alongside the package component.

    Limitations (top)

    Packages can only be deployed to sites with the same Joomla version as the site they were built from.
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