1. Fabrik 3.9 has been released. If you have updated Joomla to 3.9, this is a required update.
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URL structure

Jan 27, 2018
URL structure

  • Main (HTML) URLs(top)

    To open a list in your browser you should use this URL, replacing 'X' with the list id you want to display:
    Code (Text):
    To view a form in your browser you should use this URL, replacing 'X" with the form id you want to display:
    Code (Text):
    If you want to load a specific row for editing then use this url, replacing 'Y' with the row's id:
    Code (Text):
    To view a detailed view of the same row, replace the view variable, 'form' with 'details':
    Code (Text):

    PDF URLs(top)

    To view a PDF of a form use:
    Code (Text):
    PDF of details view:
    Code (Text):
    PDF list view:
    Code (Text):
    To load the Component content only - without the surrounding Joomla template, add to your URL:
    Code (Text):

    Debugging (top)

    To view additional debug output showing what Fabrik is doing, you need to:

    1. Set 'allow fabrik debug' to either 'Yes' or 'Debug JS' in Fabrik's global parameters.
    2. Add to the end of the URL the following string:
      Code (Text):
      Code (Text):
      if there are no query parameters in the URL already.