1. We suggest you do NOT update to Joomla 3.8.10 until we can resolve an issue it causes with caching in Fabrik. If you do install it, you'll need to disable Joomla's "System Cache" in the global System settings.
  2. Apologies for the recent server outage, a planned migration by our host provider to a new location turned into a bit of a nightmare.

URL structure

Jan 27, 2018
URL structure

  • Main (HTML) URLs(top)

    To open a list in your browser you should use this URL, replacing 'X' with the list id you want to display:
    Code (Text):
    To view a form in your browser you should use this URL, replacing 'X" with the form id you want to display:
    Code (Text):
    If you want to load a specific row for editing then use this url, replacing 'Y' with the row's id:
    Code (Text):
    To view a detailed view of the same row, replace the view variable, 'form' with 'details':
    Code (Text):

    PDF URLs(top)

    To view a PDF of a form use:
    Code (Text):
    PDF of details view:
    Code (Text):
    PDF list view:
    Code (Text):
    To load the Component content only - without the surrounding Joomla template, add to your URL:
    Code (Text):

    Debugging (top)

    To view additional debug output showing what Fabrik is doing, you need to:

    1. Set 'allow fabrik debug' to either 'Yes' or 'Debug JS' in Fabrik's global parameters.
    2. Add to the end of the URL the following string:
      Code (Text):
      Code (Text):
      if there are no query parameters in the URL already.