Can I really use Fabrik without any coding knowledge?

The answer depends on what you need to do and what range of Fabrik's functionality you need to use:

For the basic use of Fabrik no coding is necessary, so for example you can create a form which records data into a list, and then create filters for that list to search for particular records without any programming (PHP, HTML, CSS) knowledge at all.

The next step up would be wanting to style the look of your lists or forms, in a different format to the default templates that come with fabirk. This requires some html and/or css knowledge.

Within the list functionality there are some advanced concepts (that you might not ever need to use) that require an understanding of how sql works. An example of this would be joining your list's data to your site's Joomla users table. Whilst this doesn't require any coding knowledge an understanding of how this works in SQL would be helpful.

Then there are validations (checks on the form data submitted), out of the box you can choose to check if a field is empty, or if it is an email address. If you were looking for something more specific then you would have to write a regular expression for that yourself (or ask on the forum).

Finally (and maybe less than 1% of people use this) you can attach javascript and php code to bits of your form, obviously this does require some coding.

I'm already registered - how can I upgrade to a subscription?

Please log in with your current user name and password. Then select the menu item "subscribe".

Choose the plan you want to upgrade to.

Then, on the next page, you should simply have to select the payment type, agree to the terms of service and press the 'Continue' button, which will take you to Paypal to complete the upgrade

How can I cancel my subscription?

  1. Log into PayPal
  2. Click "Profile"
  3. From the 'Financial information' section click 'Pay list'
  4. You should see an entry called "Subscription Creation" with a link called "Pollen 8 Design Ltd" in the "Merchants" column. Click on this link
  5. Click on the 'cancel' link next to the 'Status' line

Cancelling your subscription in Paypal, cancels the subscription at the end of your current subscriptions date, so if you cancel with a month left, you can still access the subscriber parts of the Fabrik site for that remaining month.

Can I have an invoice please?

Sure! the site provides you with the option to get invoices. Simply log in and point your browser to this page:

Why don't you answer my support questions by PM/Email?

Although this sounds harsh, we really are very unlikely to answer software support questions via the forum's private messaging system or by email.

We have put in place the forum to be the unique way in which support is handled. The responses on the forum allow all members to benefit from the advice given or the solutions offered and allow us to respond to requests for help in an ordered fashion.

Use the contact us form, if you have account related queries, and PM us if we have specifically asked you to, for example if we need a log in to your site to fix an issue or to view your project.

Thanks for your understanding!

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