Forms allow you and your site's users to store and edit content.

13 Default element types

Elements are the widgets that collect your form's data. Fabrik provides a wide range of elements from simple fields to drop downs that look up data from other database tables. Most elements allow you to stipulate common settings, such as their default value, size, and whether they are hidden.

Text fields

fabrik text field elements

Perhaps the most used element type. Fabrik allows you to record data as strings, integers or floats (useful for saving currencies). Fields can be assigned as password fields, read only or disabled.

Text areas

fabrik textarea elements

Text areas allow for longer pieces of text to be collected. They can be defined as simple text areas or as WYSIWYG text editors. An option is also available to limit the length of text entered, and to show the number of characters remaining.

Radio buttons

radio button elements

Radio buttons give your users the choice between one of a series of options. Unlimited numbers of options can be created and reordered via a drag and drop interface. Option values and labels can be entered and a default option selected. Options are shown in a grid, for which you can define the number of columns.

Check boxes

check boxes

Check boxes, are similar to radio buttons, except that they give your users the choice to select multiple options. Again, unlimited numbers of options can be created and reordered via a drag and drop interface. Option values and labels can be entered and a default options selected. Options are shown in a grid, for which you can define the number of columns.

Drop downs

fabrik drop downs

Drop downs allow you to create both single select and multiple select list. The features for creating and displaying drop downs are the same those for check boxes

Database joins

database joins

Perhaps the most useful and versatile element, database join elements allow you to create either radio buttons or drop downs, whose data is drawn from an existing database table. For example you can create a drop down list of your site's users (by connecting to the jos_users table), or create some radio buttons to select one of your site's articles (by connecting to the jos_content table).

Database joins, like Fabrik tables, can connect to any database defined by a Fabrik connection, and their results can be filtered by a where clause - for example you could filter that list of articles to show only ones that are published or in a certain section.

File uploads

joomla file uploader

This element provides your users with the ability to upload files to your server when the form is submitted. You can restrict uploading to a certain location on your server and to a certain file size and type. Image files can have thumbnails create, and stored in a separate location. Uploaded files can also be emailed to the form recipient if so desired.


show images in forms

Images allow you to show images in your forms, and also allows for your users to select and image from within a certain folder.

Display text

joomla text

Display text allows you to enter plain text into your form, often used for providing instructions to your users about how to use the form's subsequent elements.


record joomla username

This element allows you to capture a number of variables regarding the user who has submitted the form. You can record that users:

  • ID
  • Username
  • Name
  • Email
  • User type
  • Block
  • Send email
  • Group ID
  • Registration Date
  • Last Visit date

This element contains an option which allows you to specify if the element updates when creating and editing a record, or when simply creating a record. This allows you to store data such as the creator of a record and the last person to have updated the record.


fabrik date

The date element uses Joomla's standard date picker, allowing your users to easily enter dates. The format of the date shown can be set in the administration.



The button provides an HTML button that, as with all the other elements, you can attach javascript events to.



Allows you to record a link, providing separate fields for the label and the URL used.


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