Email notifications

Within your form you can define two types of email notifications; receipts and notification emails.

Receipts are sent to the user who is filling in the form, they are used to give the user a permanent record of the information that they have filled in. Fabrik forms can be set to send receipts automatically or to display a check box to allow the user to opt in to receiving the receipt. The receipt text is constructed with the user of place holders. E.g.

Thanks {first_name}
We received your email on {date_sent} and will be in touch with you soon.

Would get translated to:

Thanks Rob
We received your email on 12/01/2008 and will be in touch with you soon.

Notification emails are sent to defined email address, to notify those people that a form has been submitted. They can be sent either when creating or editing a form record, or simply when submitting a new form. Fabrik provides three types of formatting for the receipt email.

  1. Standard This default option emails all the form data to the specified email addresses, in a key=value list.
  2. HTML templates - this allows you to create templates in the same format as the receipt emails
  3. PHP templates - allows you to specify a PHP script to run that processes and formats the data to email.


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