Yeah! Fabrik 3.4 is now available for download. This point release contains several new features that we're really excited about.

As always a great big shout out to one and all that contributed to the project during this release: skurvish, troester,  Bauer, Sophist, majeed21, Jean-François Questiaux, yuriyua, Jaanus Nurmoja, felixkat, pascal26, plus all the translators and people who took the time to help others on the forum.

New Features

Content types

This new feature is going to revolutionize how you use Fabrik! Fed up of creating endless elements for your list? Our new content types feature is going to save you hours in setting up new lists. Watch this video for a introduction on how to use content types. 


In the new year we will be releasing a content type download section where users can share and download their content types.

'Pop up' list filter option

A new filter display method has been added, filters can now be shown in a pop up window. This short video shows you all you need to know about setting it up:


Open Archive Initiative

We've added integration with the Open Archive Initiative, which "... develops and promotes interoperability standards that aim to facilitate the efficient dissemination of content." You can now set your list views to be Data Providers, providing XML based meta data for records (with pagination mechanism) and single record views. Currently only Dublin meta core XML schemas are used. This work will be used to enable OpenedUp to provide data on their massive open online courses (MOOC) to various consumers.

Removed Plugins

We decided to remove some of our plugins, mainly due to them no longer working:

  • Cron rest - wasn't working
  • Facebook activity widget - no longer supported by Facebook
  • Facebook likebox widget - no longer supported by Facebook
  • Facebook recommendations widget - no longer supported by Facebook
  • Form vBulletin - was not longer working and we were no longer using it.

Deprecated Plugins

Whilst still available we are giving you a heads up that the following plugins may be removed at some point:

  • form exif - these features have been incorporated into the fileupload element.
  • Chart visualisation - we want to merge this in with the nv3d chart visualization.
  • Fusion chart and fusion gantt chart - their free version of the library is no longer supported


  • Fixed front end CSV import so 'Drop data' is not usable unless the user has canEmpty() privileges.  
  • Reduced access to Joomla configuration information via placeholders.

Other things of note

User's were experiencing issues after having uninstalled Fabrik. We've reworked the manifest code to ensure that everything now uninstalls correctly


  • Comments  - added a WYSIWYG option to local commenting. 
  • Upsert plugin - added "insert only" and  "update only" options. 
  • Toggle Submit - a new option which disables the submit button if any elements have failed AJAX validation. 
  • Repeat groups - added repeat group intro text parameter. You can use {i} as a placeholder for the current repeat group number


  • Radius search: 
    • Geocode runs after 1 sec since last key pressed, (or when enter key is pressed).
    • Geocode results cached in memory.
    • Clear button works for multiple radius search plugins.
  • CSV
    • Import would not work with AJAX file upload info
    • Add &download=0 to list CSV export URL to write the content out to the browser, rather than downloading the CSV file
  • Feeds
    • Link now always load front end URL. This may mean that the RSS data is different to the admin data, but at least it will be accessible to any RSS reader consuming the feed 
    • Fixed encoding issues for HTML vs XML entities, which were producing illegal XML encoding such as é 
  • Fix to update_col to allow sending to multiple emails as comma separated string.
  • Group by - the "user group by" option was not being appended to the list order by query. This produced results grouped per page rather than grouping by over the lists entire data 
  • Added canonical link for list views


  • Date element - added a placeholder option.
  • Databasejoin element - added AJAX Update option, to automatically reload the selection options if any elements used in the WHERE filter are changed on the form.
  • Tags element - added an option to choose a custom table to store tags
  • Colour Picker  - fixed issue with it not displaying in details view
  • Button - added "button type" option which allows it to be used as a submit button.
  • Field 
    • Option not to apply sprintf on blank field
    • Added geo-completion as auto-complete option
  • Google map
    • Added a traffic layer option 
    • Added a OSGB (UK ordnance survey grid reference) display layer option


  • More work on the new "full calendar" visualization
  • Google Map
    • Added a terrain map option
    • Added a traffic layer map option
    • Added a special placeholder {nav_url} for map viz bubble templates, which opens Google maps app in navigation mode to the pin's destination

 Download Fabrik 3.4 now!