The Fabrik Team is pleased to announce that Fabrik 3.0.9 has been released.

Head over to our downloads page to download Fabrik 3.0.9

This version is for Joomla 2.5 ONLY, we will be releasing Fabrik 3.1rc later on this week which is for Joomla 3.x, so stay tuned for more news on that. This release is a security and bug fix release, read on to find out more about the release.....


The list ACL was not applied to all view formats (raw/json etc). This could expose sensitive data

General Improvements

When you create new list from existing database tables new elements are automatically created. This new administration page allows you to define which element plugin is assigned to each corresponding database field type.

  • Falang integration
  • Fixed compatibility issues with the latest version of Kunena
  • Element help icons - when editing an element you now have a link directly to its wiki help page
  • Form, Visualization and List Administration modules are now available
  • Quick icon administration module

  • Delete elements from trash; previously you had to select each element individually if you wanted to remove its field from the database, now a much more user-friendly checkbox list is presented:

Its time to say goodbye to some underused / redundant plugins

  • kaltura visualization
  • twitter_profile element
  • pingdotfm form plugin
  • firefox contacts form plugin


  • Form outros have been added - allowing you to supply text to be applied at the end of the form.
  • The labels above template was not showing ajax validation error messages
  • The tab form template was not rendering repeat groups in a table layout, and was not showing tips if set to show above, to the side or below.


  • You can now assign  'outro' text at the end of your group.
  • The group repeat max can now be set to 0, blocking the creation of groups.
    fixed: group access, if group unaccessible, and editing a record, then the groups data would be incorrectly removed on save


  • fixed: contains/not contains for element js events
  • changed: element custom links always applied regarless of linktodetails option


New features:

  • Related data link options, for controlling when/how the add and view links are displayed
  • A new EXISTS pre-filter condition was added
  • Element icon replacement in list view; now priority is given to {elementname}_{value}.{ext}, then {value}.{ext} then {label}.{ext} this avoids the issue where 2 elements in the same list used replace icons and had recorded the same values, but different icons were required.


  • Related data re-ordering is now working
  • An internalid wasn't auto-created when a list was created on an existing table
  • Prefilter on NOT EQUALS were creating incorrect queries
  • The download plugin is now able to include multiple files from ajax upload elements.
  • Element calculations have been improved when split by selected and list grouping additionally applied
  • fixed: advanced search, apply, reselect, change element type, - ajax loaded filter value still contained initial selections value
  • Setting auto-inc off on list did not alter table structure
  • Elements such as radios and dropdowns no longer include HTML mark-up in the CSV export
  • The CSV export UI now only shows the CSV file name rather than the full server path
  • We've changes things so that if a calculation element is exported via CSV then any element used in the calculation are also exported, this ensures that the calculation is run correctly
  • Advanced search: search once, then edit initial search. Rather than removing previous search the new search would be appended to old search.
  • CSV import in backend into existing list, but with additonal columns found in CSV file, no new elements created and message incorrect

Element plugins


  • The birthday element ranged filter has been greatly improved to correctly handle filtering ages


  • Filters rendered as a checkbox or multiselect were not correctly filtering


  • Several timezone issues with the various date element settings have been addressed
  • The disallow date function was not applied when pressing the calendar's next/prev month/year buttons, meaning blocked dates could be selected.


  • Static images: add google buiness api credentials (to static maps only for now) in global config. When filled in this increases the daily number of static maps you can serve.
  • Added Visual refresh option - when turned on this displays the map and its interface with a more 'modern' look.
  • Static map images are now cached to avoid hitting Google Map's static map rate limits.
  • When in focus and the enter key pressed, the geocode and the dms fields would submit the form


  • Upon editing a record, the crop area location was incorrect. This meant that the cropped image was incorrect if the record was re-saved.
  • The"show media in form" option was incorrectly being applied to the list view.
  • The random file names, no longer include the original file name.


  • Properties not saving in admin


  • Wasn't working

Database join

  • We were not respecting the "options per row" setting, when in the tab form template and rendered as checkbox /radio
  • "Add in front end" would update all elements in all repeat groups - not just the element that opened the form.


  • CSV export - now exported as link and not as a JSON string.

Cascading dropdowns

  • Rendered as autocomplete - observing a radio button - radio buttons value was not correctly found
  • After failed validation and ajax update was not selecting the previously selected entry


  • When within a repeat group the wysiwyg editor would produce a JavaScript error when using the 'characters left' option


  • Number format and sprint f were not applied when within a joined repeated group

Form Plugins

  • Update: twitter api to 1.1

List pluigins

  • We've added a new list js plugin
  • For the email list plugin, you can set "now()" as update value - which is replaced with current date/time/
  • You can now use 2 radius search elements in the same list
  • The list copy plugin wouldnt copy dbjoin elements rendered as checkbox


Google Map

  • The lat/long fields will now accept european formatted numbers (comma's as the decimal separator)
  • Add an option to clear the grouped by selection
  • fixed: list radius search plugin was not working on map viz
  • Clear filter was not clearing radius searches


  • The API has been updated as the previous version was no longer available
  • Events were shown if you could list or edit them, as the time-line is readonly we changed this so that events are shown if the user can list them
  • Clicking on "today" in calendar now correctly updates the timeline's location
  • The show/hide filters option and published options were not respected

Fusion charts

  • Fixing issue with totals, need to use language string for "Total", not literal.


  • Placeholders were added to the PHP validation.

Content Plugin

  • When rendering render repeat elements you can specify "repeatcounter=all" which will render all of the element's repeat values

List Module

  • Implemented the missing join (and/or) glue fields in the module's prefilter section.
  • Added show intro/outro/filters options

A big thanks to these user's who have contributed code:

Jaanus Nurmoja Pete Nurse (PtrNrs), tanolalano, vipzeus, woznyp, troester, Bongo1111, Sophist, Ttoester

Head over to our downloads page to download Fabrik 3.0.9