There's been quiet a buzz in the forums recently about combining the flexibilty of Fabrik into Joomla's article system. That, combined with the release of Joomla works K2, and Yootheme's zoo have relaunched the debate about creating customizable content in Joomla.

Whilst Fabrik has always allowed you to create custom content in much the same way as Zoo and K2, it has been outside of Joomla's content management interface (as I think K2 and zoo are as well). Sometimes that is exaclty what you need, but there are advantages to simply extending Joomla's content. For example you can use any of Joomla's content plug-ins, or SEF plug-ins, and for your content creators it means they only have one interface to learn and one place to go when they want to add content.

To that end, we've just launched a new Fabrik editor button plug-in, which allows you to link Fabrik data to Joomla articles (either as a form or a detailed view), check out the video to see it in action