Fabrik 1.0.3 has just been released version 1.0.3! This release is focused on bug fixes and general stability of the code base. However, we have managed to add in the following features:

  • Choose between the default email template or custom Html templates
  • Two new template themes (for forms & tables) called mint and bluesky
  • Tables - option to show "view" link which points to read only version of record.
  • Admin table view - option to use or not user prefiltres
  • Publish/ unpublish groups from your forms
  • Class names applied to any element label with a validation attached. This allows you to style your validation rules (see example fabrik form here)

 Fixes included in this release:

  • Improved table navigation for tables with large numbers of records
  • Improved performance for tables with large numbers of records
  • Validation rules changed from using ereg to preg
  • Repeat group added to admin forms
  • {fabrik_internal_id}  now usable in email receipt's
  • Errors navigating and deleting records in admin table view, using IE 7 now fixed
  • CVS export button now showing in front end
  • Dates correctly formatted in RSS feed
  • Dates default to empty for new forms
  • Plus many more minor fixes

For subscription members we have also release the second video tutorial to coincide with the release of Fabrik 1.0.3. This video deals with the different ways in which you can create tables in Fabrik, using existing forms, importing from CSV files and creating from existing database tables.

Finally we have started an examples site - http://examples.fabrikar.com currently there is the form and table that is created from the video tutorials, styled using the new "bluesky" template.

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