IMPORTANT NOTE - the Fabrik SVN repository has moved from to, as of Rev 372, 11/6/2007. If you already have a checked-out version from JoomlaCode, you will need to delete it and check-out a new copy from Unfuddle. Please find the new URL and username/password below.

PLEASE read all of this document before using SVN.

The first step is to install an SVN client. For Windows users we recommend Tortoise SVN. Just download the latest version and run the installer. The following instructions assume you are using Tortoise, but the same general instructions apply to any SVN client.

Now create a new folder on your hard drive where you want to save the SVN files. Right click on this folder and select "SVN Checkout..."

To check out the 1.0.x branch, enter "" as the "URL of repository", and press OK.

To check out the 2.0.x branch, enter "" as the "URL of repository", and press OK. This URL may change soon, as we re-organize the new respoitory into separate projects, so if you you have problems in future, refer back to this document.

You will be prompted for a user name and password the first time you access SVN, use username "fabrik_anonymous" and password "anonymous" (don't include the quotes!).

All the current fabrik files will now be downloaded into your new folder.

You'll notice that the folder's icon now includes a green tick. This indicates that all the SVN files are current. If a new file is added to the repository or an existing file changed then this will turn into a red exclamation mark. Updating to the current files simply requires you to right click on the folder and select "SVN Update".

The SVN folder contains a load of files that are only required for communicating with the SVN server. To obtain only the files that are used by Fabrik, you need to export a copy of the files out of the SVN folder. To do this right click on the SVN folder and select "Tortoise SVN->export..." Then from the pop up window that appears select the folder into which you want to export the Fabrik files and press "OK".

The exported SVN folder now contains a layout which mirrors that of a Joomla site.

If you are upgrading an existing Fabrik install DO NOT use the Joomla installer.  Simply use your favorite FTP client to upload ALL of the new files to your server, overwriting your old files with the ones contained in the exported SVN folder.

To install the exported SVN files as a component form scratch, create a new folder called "com_fabrik" and copy into this the files found in "administrator/components/com_fabrik" and "components/com_fabrik". Make a zip out of the com_fabrik folder and install this as a new component.

Database changes do not occur in the 1.0.x branch, so it is always safe to update your site in this manner. However, internal data formats do change over time, so it is NOT safe to downgrade, especially to an earlier version of Fabrik.  If you are upgrading from a previous version to the SVN code, we strongly suggest you try it out on a test server first, with a copy of your data.

As the 2.0 branch is still under active development, database changes do occur in the 2.0.x branch.  If you have problems with upgrading 2.0, you will have to uninstall and reinstall.  THis is why 2.0.x should not be used on a live site!  It is made available purely for testing and evaluation purposes.