Sorry folks, a bugette slipped into the 2.0 release, where by you were unable to save a database join element

This has been addressed in Fabrik 2.0.1, download it here

The Fabrik team are truly proud to announce the release of Fabrik 2.0 stable.

This is Security release that addresses a security issue found in all previous versions of Fabrik 2.

Fabrik 2.0rc5 has now been released and is available in the downloads section

This is a security release. We strongly advise all users to upgrade to this version.

Many thanks to Masood at and Rochen hosting for pointing out this vunerablity.

We would like to inform all our users that we have implemented our new subscription service as of today, and with it the price changes we announced at the beginning of the year.

2009 was quiet simply a roller coaster ride for Fabrik. We saw Fabrik enjoying a fabulous growth in visitor numbers, each month we saw a 50 - 300% increase compared to the previous years.

A total of 4 release candidates for 2.0 saw the light of day, we redesigned the web site, migrating from Joomla 1.0 to 15.
The community expanded and matured, creating and improving upon 7 language translations. We had code and plug-ins provided by people all over the world, and saw you using Fabrik to do pretty much anything and everything, from tracking pirate attacks on the open seas to calculating company finacial viablity.

Fabrik 2.0rc4 has now been released and is available in the downloads section

We fully recommend people using 2.0rc3 to update to rc4. Within the next couple of weeks we will be releasing a final version of Fabrik 2.0 along with full documentation for subscribers.

As ever I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the project, from the people giving it a positive vibe and helping out in the forums to those providing translations and patches - you rock!

Some highlights from the 1000 + commits since Fabrik 2.0rc3 are listed below: