Fabrik V4.0

Release Date
2024-02-01 00:00

2024-01-29 Forum #54267 Fix radio button IDs in repeating group.
2024-01-25 Fix several deprecated Factory::getDbo calls
2024-01-25 Improve Fabrik Home display
2024-01-22 Forum #54305 Forum #54270 Load old date CSS from inside Fabrik (J!5 removed calendar CSS from media/system)
2024-01-21 Improve Fabrik Home: show version and useful links
2024-01-21 Forum #54304 Consent: use raw userID (thx lcollong)
2024-01-20 Forum #54303 Store default NOW() for date_created in Sequence element
2024-01-20 Forum #54300 Add groupModel to form php eval variables
2024-01-19 Textarea: remove TinyMCE version check >4 (will break JCE >2.9.54)
2024-01-19 Forum #54260 Fix "filter under headings" showing up in PDF
2024-01-19 Forum #54253 Skip Content plugin in smart search indexer context
2024-01-01 Forum #54271 Fix language Translations in form limit plugin
2023-12-17 Forum #54148 Fix item-Id setting in fabrik-Bootstrap-grid.php (div template)
2023-12-14 Forum #54132 Catch "j" format in jdate (not working in form view)
2023-11-22 Forum #54204 Fix deprecated J! function calls in Partial/Pdf (breaking in J!5)
2023-11-14 Fix (again) Add Group icon for repeat Groups with table layout and min=0
2023-11-11 Forum #54175 Fix deprecated warnings in Field, InternalId & Jdate Element Plugins
2023-11-10 Forum #54186 Add com_fabrik/js folder for custom JS
2023-11-06 Forum #53833 Expose the data array to the eval functions of databasejoin element
2023-11-05 Forum #54179 Fix Thumbs element details view
2023-11-05 Forum #54183 Removed CSV as a menu item type
2023-11-05 Forum #54165 Fix Timestamp element saves as local/utc and update on edit
2023-11-04 Forum #54174 Deprecated warnings with PHP 8.2
2023-11-01 Forum #54169 update_col.php: fix issue with Elements with Range filter
2023-11-01 Forum #54156 fix duplicate HTMLHelper call for Imagick

Installation Notes

Compatible with Joomla 4.2+
Complete package.
This package has to be installed via Joomla Extensions Installer.

The J! updater will then be reinstated, so as we make newer releases you will see them available in the extensions update section of your administration.

After installing Fabrik 4.0 clean the update cache. (Otherwise J!update may show an update from Fabrik 4.0Zeta to 4.0)
"Rebuild" the update sites.
"Refresh cache" on all Fabrik entries in Manage / Extensions

Fabrik 4.0 will also install on J!5.

We have not done any sort of exhaustive testing so if you wish to try it on J!5 please do so on a test system and report back in the bugs forum any issues you discover. Use at your own risk.