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  1. dimoss
    dimoss tghounsell
  2. HyperOsmar
    If I can help, here I am...
  3. beatty_t
    beatty_t cheesegrits
    G'day Sir,

    I've noticed that there are still updates going on even though the project is officially not continuing. Are you involved in a Fabrik 4 fork? I reached out to Robbie to offer any help that I could and asked that she pass along my contact info to whoever was taking up that challenge. This project is way too amazing to let it die!
  4. sohopros
    sohopros juuser
    We have a Fabrik installation on a Joomla 3.10.x website and need some development support to extend it. Would you be able to help?
    GALLARDO ORTIZ cheesegrits
    I have not received any registration mail. I think my user has an error space in the login. I think that may be the error. Please help me to correct my login.
    GALLARDO ORTIZ cheesegrits
    Hi, I have a problem with my user
    Log in by username:Username does not exist"
    Remember user:Remind Failed:This user is blocked.If this is an error, please contact....
    Remember password:Failed to reset password: This user is locked out. If this is an error, ..
    Fabrik account:Oops.... The page you're looking for seems to be missing
    However,I can log in to the forums with my e-mail address correctly.Help me Please
    Impacient to learn it
  8. cheyennemtnman
    cheyennemtnman bespokeappstt
    Hello I am working on a dispatching app for Deliveries and Freight.. care to chat about each other's projects?
    1. bespokeappstt
      Sure. No problem at all. Hopefully we have solved each other's issues and can mutually benefit from an exchange.
      Jan 25, 2022
      cheyennemtnman likes this.
  9. venekamp
    Garden app and fermenting app are life on fluve.nl Currenty working on genealogy app
  10. bespokeappstt
    Always learning
  11. GaryBartlett
    My therapist is high in every session
  12. milesreid
    Working on a Fabrik application for a firm of Solicitors/Barristers
  13. nighrv
    nighrv cheesegrits
    Small typo with latest Fabrik 3.10. Missing space in popup after "saving to" when using Export CSV.
  14. angelogabeira
    angelogabeira HyperOsmar
    ola, preciso de ajuda com o joomla, poderia me contatar 61-985890513
    1. HyperOsmar
      Angelo, mil perdões...
      Só hoje fui ver sua mensagem no privado...
      Geralmente não acesso essa parte do fórum...
      Mas, se ainda estiver precisando de ajuda, e eu puder ajudá-lo, conte comigo...
      Oct 21, 2022
  15. Technology Counter
    Technology Counter
    Technology Counter is the fastest-growing tech recommendation platform.
  16. kristelslagter2
    hello Mijn naam is Kristel Slagter, ik kom uit Amsterdam, ik heb gestudeerd aan de Universiteit Leiden en werk bij de hotmail klantenservice
  17. robinverstraaten321
    Hallo mijn naam Robin Verstraaten is en ik woon in Nederland en werk samen met And IT company als technisch ondersteunings medewerker. We
  18. tali
    tali cheesegrits
    IN fr-FR.com_fabrik.ini : a misplaced string %s in translation :
    COM_FABRIK_CONFIRM_DELETE="Êtes-vous sûr(e) de vouloir supprimer les enregistrements %s ?" to
    COM_FABRIK_CONFIRM_DELETE="Êtes-vous sûr(e) de vouloir supprimer les %s enregistrements ?"

    COM_FABRIK_LIST_NO_DATA_MSG="Pas d'enregistrements" should be singular
    COM_FABRIK_LIST_NO_DATA_MSG="Pas d'enregistrement"
  19. tali
    tali cheesegrits
    A small typo in onDeleteRows tooltip : elemnents

    Thx for the good work on fabrik :)
  20. Stevebenson223
    Currently working on two apps for the amateur theatre community. Tried Seblod for two years but got further with Fabrik in two months!