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Discussion in 'Standard Support' started by smalldragoon, Mar 20, 2020.

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  1. smalldragoon

    smalldragoon Member

    Level: Community
    Hi ,
    My question could sounds basic but the story is a little bit more tricky.
    here is the scope :
    I'm using a joomla extension which generate modals.
    The management of the modal is done through tags which are designed to be into content.
    here is an example :

    {modal url="http://www.XX.com" id="themodal"}{/modal}

    So, to get it include into my form, I use an element ( display ) and check thee box "eval"

    If now, I create another element like button , which will trigger some javascript, no issues, the modal is triggered.
    For ref, here is the JS code :

    $el = $('themodal');

    Now, I would like to use the form validation and, if something does not match, trigger a modal. Idea is then to build some javascript through the PHP , like that for example ( in this ex, it do not submit the form ) :

    $formModel->errors['tablename___elementname'][] = 'woops!';
    echo '
    <script type="text/JavaScript">
    $el = $("#themodal");
    prompt("Test wokring ! before click");
    return false;

    But as it is a different PHP, it is not able to grab the ref ( the "el" is linked to nothing , thus no click action available ) .

    How can I solve this ? any suggestions ? Maybe I should proceed anotherway ?
    Thanks in advance !
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2020
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