1. NOTICE: If you are using Fabrik and update to Joomla 3.10, you will need to update to Fabrik 3.10. And, if you are using Fabrik, do not upgrade to Joomla 4, we do not have a supported version ready for release. More information on a release date coming soon. Also, please note that Fabrik 3.10 will not install on any Joomla sites less than 3.8.
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Fabrikar 4 - for Joomla 4

Discussion in 'About fabrikar.com' started by tibo, Sep 7, 2020.

  1. lousyfool

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    AFAIK, at this point in time there is no "easy to install" package, yet. So, you (and other "non-developers", like myself) may want to wait until there's a call for public beta testers -- also to avoid an unnecessary flood of questions to the devs, which would only distract them and slow down the development process.
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  2. HyperOsmar

    HyperOsmar Member

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  3. bascherz

    bascherz Member

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    I'm a professional software engineer, though web development and PHP are more a hobby. I am available to support in any capacity. I was unable to locate the Github project.

    Let's keep this critical Joomla! extension alive!!
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