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Debugging Checklist

Dec 7, 2017
Debugging Checklist
  • Basic steps that I have used when debugging.
    (This page is still under construction, but please add)

    General Tips
    1. Check to see that all joins are appropriately organized, with correct id's and foreign keys.
      1. Check via list numbers rather than list names, as sometimes when starting out you make several lists/forms/groups, and they may have identical list names.
    2. Check that the forms that you are referring to are not "trashed" or "unpublished". This produces an error where the form that shows up is a different form then the form intended.
    3. Check access levels on elements, forms, groups and lists. For example, a calc field wasn't working (wasn't transferring the name across to juser plugin) because the access level for the calc field was set to "registered" and the field was meant to be used by the "public".
    4. Check for rogue Javascript. Javascript may be present in forms/elements that you copied and forgot about.


    1. If your elements are not showing:
      1. Check that they are ticked off as "show in list" in the elements view.
      2. If you have an article as a Fabrik list, make sure that the elements are selected in the "menu" menu.
      3. If you are seeing too many elements in the list, go to elements view, filter by the form of interest (rather than group) and filter by "show in list" = "yes". This will show all elements that can be found in the list, and then you can tick the ones you want or don't want.
    2. If the database joins are not showing in the related data tab, make sure you have created a "database join" element.
    3. Check for rogue prefilters. This occurs when you copy a list with some pre-filters you forgot about. That can sometimes produce a behavior where a function works for some records, and not others. If no data is showing, make sure that you don't have any pre-filters set.
    4. If you want to remove the buttons in the list, change the settings in the access section of the list menu.

    Captcha Element:
    1. Clear browser cache
    2. Check that you are not logged in, there is a "Show when logged in?" option in the Options tab of the Captcha element that will remove the captcha if you have set it to "No".
    3. You have a Site and Secret API key from www.google.com/recaptcha
    4. Access levels are appropriate

    Calc Element:

    1. Check that there are ";" placed at appropriate areas <- this can be a major problem.
    2. Check that the element names are correct, and that you have put '{tablename___elementname}' in the curly braces with the single quotes. Its advised to copy paste element names from the "elements" section. Also make sure that you are not copy-pasting element labels, but rather copy-pasting element names.
    3. Check that the elements that are referred to are published and not trashed/deleted.
    4. If you are calculating based on a dropdown menu, or other menu type (also database join), don't forget the "_raw" at the end of your placeholders, i.e. '{tablename___elementname_raw}'.