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Module Form Register JUser Ajax, Error only on page refresh


I am back and I really like the progress being made.

I have created a custom register form with JUser Plugin. The Form seems to work. I do have e.g. "password" field and/or "name" field, which needs to validate.

When I submit the form empty, validation kicks in and I see the main top error message, but no error with fields and also no close icon with main error. When I hit Submit again, nothing changes. When I refresh the page however, I see the main error with close icon and all errors with fields. It looks like the field errors only load with a page refresh.

Any thoughts on this?
Oh I see. Each field will get an error class. Therefore I can set a red border with fields that have not been validated:

.fabrikError .fabrikElement input {
border: 1px dashed red !important;
border-radius: 0px !important;

Error Text below the fields are suppost to load only with a page refresh and not with Ajax?

Nice work with those validation messages.
Cannot replicate. Error messages show also when Ajax validation is enabled. Do you have any JS-error in browser console? Does it work with Joomla Protostar template? If yes, the problem is likely in your template. Make sure there is no JS-compression options enabled in your template settings if there is any.
No JS error message. Using Balbooa gridbox Template (Pagebuilder).

Same when I use the fabrik form with Protostar Template.

It looks like the error message itself will only load after page refresh.

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