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trying to run PHP code for validation of csv file

Since my approach seems to fail, I am back to Ajax List.

This will open the form in a modal.

Are errors suppost to show the way they are shown with Ajax?

Just an icon with ToolTip?
No top error message?


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I don't understand your problems with the redirect plugin.
Do you have the option 'next record' enabled? I'm not on my PC so I don't know the exact wording. With this option the jump url is ignored and it's going to the next record and going to whatever when adding a new record. There was a thread recently.

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My problems...

1. When I use Ajax with my list module, I get "ADD RECORD" in a modal window.

This is really nice, but error messages don't work inline and top message doesn't work at all.
I just see a little icon and a tooltip with error message.
Users won't understand, that they need to hover the icon in order to see the error.
Looks strange, too. Inline errors would bel much appreciated :)

2. When I don't use Ajax with my list module and I want to "ADD RECORD", I get redirected to a component page.

Same when I want to "EDIT RECORD".

"ADD RECORD" => index.php/de/component/fabrik/form/3/?Itemid=101
"EDIT RECORD" => index.php/de/component/fabrik/form/3/4?Itemid=101

Both pages look funny inside my gridbox theme, because they don't seem to start as a standard gridbox page in source.

body tag starts with fabrik...
<body class="com_fabrik form ">

body tag with a gridbox page would start like this...
<body class="com_gridbox page ">

// =====

I have described a solution in Post #20 without Ajax.
This will show the form within my template nicely for "ADD RECORD".
But I can't use this approach with "EDIT RECORD", due to the fact, that the URL will change with each record.

// =====

I don't know how to describe it better.
My best bet is trying to doctor the form template, so error messages will show inline with modal (Ajax).

// =====

I would need to know the file, where I can edit the error messages myself.

Where would I find the template responsible for the form (errors) with and without Ajax?

Check this post as well: Ajax Validation - Inline error messages
to make a long story short.

I will make use of my gridbox page and insert a fabrik list module.
I am using a Joomla menu item to point to the Gridbox page.
I am using Ajax with fabrik list.
I will live with the tool tip error message above icon :)

I noticed that my modal window does not have that "window expand" icon in the upper right corner :) just mentioning :)


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1. I totally agree: I would also prefer to have error messages inline also in ajaxfied forms (or at least an option). I didn't manage to find the place where it is done.

2. I can't replicate your issues (with a standard Joomla template).
With Ajaxfy=no and Ajaxfy links= no in module settings it opens add and edit forms in the content area of a complete Joomla page with the itemId of the menu item selected in "Related menu item" (which can be a hidden one)
On save without redirect plugin the form is redirecting to the page it was called from, with redirect plugin it's going to the jump page you set (you can include {shortlang} into your jump url to get de, en etc). You must not enable "Save and Next" or any other "search" option.
So as I understand it this should do what you need.
But maybe your template is doing routing and menu handling completely different from Joomla
I believe so. Ajax on will do fine for now.

You can install balbooa gridbox for free. just pro features are with subscription.

Thank you

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