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Can Delete Row list plugin

Aug 12, 2013
Can Delete Row list plugin
  • This plug-in provides a fine grained control over which records can be deleted from a list and from a form view.

    The list's Access->delete records option takes precedence over this plugin. That is to say that if you are logged in as a registered user, and the list's delete records option is set to Special, then no records can be deleted, regardless of any match that might be made with this plugin.

    • Access - Which Joomla user access level will the plug-in be applied to
    • Element - The element whose value we well be using to determine if the row can be deleted
    • Use Raw - Should we use the raw value stored in the database, or the label.
    • Operator - Should we show the delete button, when the 'Element's value equals or does not equal the value defined in 'Value'
    • Value - defines the value to compare against
    With the example settings above our list will appear as in the image below. As record id 1 has skill equal to 'card-sharp', its delete button is shown.


    • PHP (eval) - overrides the standard element, use raw, operator, and value options, and instead evaluates a PHP statment.
    We could achieve the same result as previously set up by entering this code in the PHP textarea.

    return '{list_plugin_candeleterow___skill_raw}' === 'card-sharp';
    As you can see from the example above, the PHP (eval) textarea accepts the use of placeholders
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