1. Fabrik 3.8.1 has been released. It is mostly bug fixes and feature enhancements, but does include two new plugins (push notifications, and the sequence element). As usual we strongly recommend testing the new release on a sandbox if your application is mission critical, and always do an Akeeba backup before updating.
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Contribute to Fabrik

Jul 26, 2013
Contribute to Fabrik
  • Fabrik is an Open Source project - which means that to make reasonable progress with development of both code and supporting documentation, it relies on the contributions of users to supplement the time of the main development team.

    If you are benefitting from the free use of Fabrik for your own projects, please consider contributing to the project by fixing bugs, writing enhancements, editing / creating wiki pages, by translating fabrik strings from english to other languages or by helping other, less experienced users by answering forum posts.

    Because the Joomla world changes month-on-month, and fabrik needs to move with it, the amount of work needed to keep fabrik working is significant, and its long-term success is very much dependent on the user community contributing to recognise the benefits they gain from the software. The fabrik developers will very much appreciate any contributions you make. :)