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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all contributors who have supported Fabrik's journey. Your generosity has enabled significant upgrades, including migrating the website to a new hosting provider, acquiring licenses, and upgrading to Joomla 4 and our own Fabrik 4.

To date, over 2,000 individuals have embraced Fabrik 4, with 50 donations amounting to approximately $2,500. However, with a mere 2.5% donation rate, sustaining our operations long-term poses a challenge.

To ensure the continued evolution of Fabrik for all users, we are introducing a subscription-donation model. Subscribers will gain access to download install packages and updates via the Joomla Updater for an annual fee of $20 USD. This fee grants access exclusively to Fabrik Packages and does not encompass support services, although we pride ourselves on offering exemplary support to our community.

While the current Fabrik git repository on BitBucket remains accessible for updates, we strongly advise against relying solely on it. Package installations include crucial updates, database changes and vendor libraries, vital for seamless functionality. Users opting for git updates on top of a previous package release risk potential site disruptions due to incomplete updates.

For those who have generously donated, you will receive one or more coupon codes valued at $20 for every $20 of cumulative donations. These codes are redeemable for subscriptions or future offerings.

This subscription service will be activated upon the release of Fabrik 4.1, slated for the coming weeks.

We sincerely hope this transition will not impose a significant burden on any of our users.

Thank you,

Your Fabrik Development Team.
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