populate repeat group from table


Hi all, I have two joined tables and the second table has a repeating group. I would like to preload the table data into the repeating group of the form. I thought of modifying the form template, the "default_repeatgroup_table" file, creating a query that populates the repeated group. I have the problem of populating when there are multiple rows in the table why should I create as many repeating groups as there are rows in the query.
Can anyone show me a way?
Thank you
Thanks for the reply.
The repeating group not of the same module but of a joined module. The xx_repeat table was not created and therefore I don't have the parent_id. I keep looking for a solution.
Thank you
If you have a (correct) Fabrik join you have the parent id: it's your foreign key element.
But in this case the repeat group would populate automatically.

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I tried but the repeating group loads fine. If I have a repeating group with multiple records, only the last record is loaded.
I'm looking for a code example to try.
Thank you