Twilio missing in F4


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It looks Twilio library is not available in the F4. This is the reason, I am not able to upgrade to F4.

I would be grateful, if you could add the latest version of Twilio to the Fabrik.

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Which plugin(s)?

Did you try to copy the F3 lib folder

I don't think the SMS gateways were ever tested in F4.
Yes, I know SMS gateways are not tested and integrated in F4. This is reason, I am trying to use following code in user_ajax.php

   require_once JPATH_ROOT . '/libraries/fabrik/fabrik/fabrik/Helpers/sms_gateways/twilio.php';
            use Twilio\Rest\Client;

Yes. I have tried to copy. I think it needs composer install. Do you know what is exact steps to add external library to the Fabrik ?

Plus, I am not sure whether F3 Twilio version (5.x.x) is compatible with PHP 8 or not
Please ignore. It is working now. I copied latest version of Twilio into the fabrik vendor folder.

@sunnyjey have you tried the SMS plugin with the updated Twilio library? It should still be installed if this is an upgraded site. We can include the Twilio library in the next update but I imagine most people who need it would also want the SMS plugin.

p.s. it is likely the Twilio library you installed would disappear next time you update F! unless we include it.
I have not tested SMS plugin so far (at the moment I am using Twilio on new fresh site on J5). But definitely check in coming days.

I am not sure how many Fabrik users are using SMS Plugin and Twilio combination, but I am extensively using on my old non-commercial site. IMO, it is definitely needed in F4.

Yes. I understand. It would be wonderful, if you could include Twilio Library in next release.

BTW, how can I contribute to the Fabrik development in bitbucket. Earlier, when Fabrik was hosted on GitHub, it was easy to contribute. I had contributed few small changes over the period. And still would like to contribute but do not know how it works in BitBucket. Is there any strong reason to host Fabrik on Bitbucket than GitHub ?
You can clone the public repo jut like in github and PR any changes. We will review and transfer to the private repo if all is well.

Choosing bitbucket was a historical decision way back when we started work on F4. Now it just seems easier to leave it there as we are used to it.