Solved User doesn't show name only ID


For an unknown reason (likely an unintentional modification), the user's name is displayed as an ID number instead of their actual name. How can I fix this?

Is this a site copy (e.g. sandbox for J!/Fabrik update)?
Did you open and re-save the Fabrik connection?
I have a functioning live site that's running smoothly. I created a backup of the site and re-installed it in a separate folder for experimental purposes. However, even though no changes were made, the username is not displayed; instead, the user's ID appears in the list of records.
I think so. I went to "user" element of my list, open it and re-save it again but i did not make any changes.
Okay got it. So, the sandbox (copy site) has its own database separate form the LIVE site. Connection is successful. All is fine but the username that simply shows ID instead of the username
Is the Fabrik connection really pointing to this new J! database?
If your new site is on the same server "Test connection" with the old database parameters will still be successfull. You have to open and re-save the Fabrik connection with the parameters of the new database.

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