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Masking areas whilst ajax updates

Aug 5, 2013
Masking areas whilst ajax updates
  • The fabrik loader object allows you to mask of sections of the page whilst they are being updated via an Ajax request.

    The loader object is found here:

    Code (Javascript):

    The 'start' method takes two properties, the DOM node's id that you want to place the loader over, and the loading message.

    to overlay on a div id="hideme":

    Code (HTML5):

    <div id="hideme">this will be masked out</div>
    You would use this code:
    Code (Javascript):

    Fabrik.loader.start('hideme', 'loading ....... ');
    To then remove the loader you use:

    Code (Javascript):


    to show a loading overlay that covers the whole page

    Code (Javascript):

    Fabrik.loader.start(null, 'loading msg ');