1. NOTICE: If you are using Fabrik and update to Joomla 3.10, you will need to update to Fabrik 3.10. And, if you are using Fabrik, do not upgrade to Joomla 4, we do not have a supported version ready for release. More information on a release date coming soon. Also, please note that Fabrik 3.10 will not install on any Joomla sites less than 3.8.
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Remove a list column

May 28, 2013
Remove a list column
  • In components/com_fabrik/views/list/tmpl/yourtemplate/default_headings.php, you have a variable

    This variable is an array, which is keyed on the full element name and whose values contains the headings for the list


    [jos_element_test___fabrik_internal_id] => fabrik internal id
    [jos_element_test___time_date] => time date
    [jos_element_test___int] => int
    [fabrik_delete] =>
    [fabrik_edit] => edit
    [fabrik_view] => view details
    If you remove an entry from the array the corresponding column will not be rendered, so adding the following code to the beginning of default_headings.php

    will stop the 'time date' column from showing in the list