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Edit Form if Condition = True; New Form if = False

Discussion in 'Community' started by hominid4, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. hominid4

    hominid4 Member

    Level: Community
    Below is a simplified version of my Db tables. In short, what is needed is if a user's (`tbl_profiles___attempts` == `tbl_challenge___attempt`) then they are allowed to edit the form as many times they like, but if the user's (`tbl_profiles___attempts` != `tbl_challenge___attempt`) then show a new empty form to create a new row.

    I've played with the list's can edit row, and such, but with no luck. Could I get a push in the right direction that may achieve what I'm needing - if it's possible?

    id | userid | attempts
    1 | 356 | 4
    2 | 512 | 2

    id | userid | attempt
    1 | 356 | 1
    2 | 512 | 1
    3 | 356 | 2
    4 | 512 | 2
    5 | 356 | 3
    6 | 356 | 4

    "Attempt Challenge" `tbl_challenge` Form Menu Item Settings
    Row id: -1
    Key name: userid

    User 356 has taken the challenge 4 times, user 512 has 2 times.

    Long-winded notes if needed:

    A user registers for the site to complete a "challenge". When they register, the `tbl_profiles___attempts` is a hidden INT read-only field element and defaults to "1".

    The user has X amount of days to submit the challenge form. The challenge form has a hidden read-only `attempt` INT field element that pulls the current `tbl_profiles___attempts` value on form load for that user and populates the submitted challenge row with that user's `tbl_profiles___attempts` value.

    The user is able to go back and edit the `tbl_challenge` form as many times as they like within the 100 days, and the `tbl_challenge___attempt` element always uses the user's current `tbl_profiles___attempts` number. That works as needed.

    After X amount of days a user first attempts the challenge, we run a cron script that adds +1 to that user's `tbl_profiles___attempts` value. After that, a user can re-take the challenge, so instead of editing an existing `tbl_challenge` row they will be creating a new row with the new +1 `tbl_profiles___attempts` value since (`tbl_profiles___attempts` == `tbl_challenge___attempt`) is FALSE on the first submission of the new challenge.

    On a side note, a user is able to see their past submissions `tbl_challenge` list but I've removed the list's "Add" button and they access the `tbl_challenge` form via the "Attempt Challenge" menu item.


    Fabrik v3.9.2 latest GitHub
    Joomla v3.9.19
  2. troester

    troester Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Level: Community
    You can use a list copy with a prefilter profile-attemps == challengen-attemp and use this form in your rowid=-1 menu.
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  3. hominid4

    hominid4 Member

    Level: Community
    Thank you troester for your suggestion, unfortunately doing list copies wouldn't quite work for us (several reasons not to bore you with), however, based on your suggestion, if I just add a (tbl_challenge___attempt == tbl_profiles___attempts) prefilter to the one `tbl_challenge` list, the direct link to the `tbl_challenge` form via the "Attempt Challenge" form rowid=-1 menu item looks to work as needed. If (tbl_challenge___attempt == tbl_profiles___attempts) it shows the edit form, and if vice versa it shows a new form. I'll continue with the rest of my build-out to know for sure but so far it seems to be working just as needed.

    And for viewing the past submissions I'll create a "Challenge Submission History" list menu item and I can apply the needed prefilters within that menu item's settings.

    Thanks again!
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2020
  4. chakib

    chakib New Member

    Level: Community
    Just use list plugin can edit row and set it to the field you want as condition
  5. hominid4

    hominid4 Member

    Level: Community
    Thanks chakib, but the Can Edit Row plugin was not what I needed, that was just allowing to edit the existing row or not, not creating a new form when needed as troeter's solution does.

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