Fabrik 4 Gamma now available for downloading

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We are pleased to announce the gamma release of Fabrik 4. You can view the changelog here.

We have made a significant change in this release that you need to be aware of and test on your own test system before placing into production. We have replaced all of the PHP eval calls with a class/include structure in order to isolate the user code from Fabrik core code. We have tested it the best we can but every user implements Fabrik differently so your site may or may not break with this release. The areas to watch for are default evals, eval populate, form, list and cron php plugins, php validations etc. If you find a problem please post it here in the bugs section.

Also, the listcsv plugin is included in this package, but be aware it is not working well with database joins. Use at your own risk.

The link to download the gamma release is here.


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The change to eval also means you no longer need to double slash your class names. If you have double slashes in your 'use' statements, such as
use \\Joomla\\CMS\\Factory;
the new system will strip the double slash to a single one. However, if you have double slashed the class names inside your code such as
$user = \\Joomla\\CMS\\Factory::getUser();
these will not be striped so you should make sure all of these are reverted to single slashes.
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