Fabrik 4 ** Gamma3 ** now available for download

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See changelog here. Download Gamma3 here.

Installing this package may result in 2-3 warnings on missing xml files. These warnings can be safely ignored. They are a result of a change to the library folder structure.

The library names and versions are not yet fixed, but this won't disturb running Fabrik.

Please check your database structure (System/Maintainace/Database), especially if your site is a J!3/F3 upgrade.

And one last point, remember, these releases are not official Fabrik 4 production releases. We make no guarantees that they will work completely in your specific case. Please test on a test copy of your site before installing on a production site. If you find any errors please post them in the bugs section of this forum and we will do our best to try and fix them.
Not open for further replies.
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