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Fixed Picklist element ignores colours


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I use picklist element and whatever I do, it just ignores params 'Hover colour' and 'Background hover colour'. There is always this grandma panties-like pink, which is added by some JS. I mean, when the element loads, there's just ul tag with classes. When I grab one of the options to drag it, then automagically appears this hidious 'style="background-color: rgb(255, 221, 255);"' inside ul tag. I have no idea even where is this colour taken from. Esthete's hell, perhaps?
Change line 35 to
hovercolor: this.options.hovercolour,
(Attention with color/colour)

Or better do (because it's setting the background)
hovercolor: this.options.bghovercolour,

(and run the uncompressed JS with Fabrik Options/Debugging "Debug JS).

But no idea what the 2nd color option in element settings is thought for.
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Of course you're right. I was looking explicitely for 'rgb...' Thank you! I can finally work on a picklist without a vomit bag at hand.