1st Form...where find help, or tutorial...

Then, if you also know the code, to change background color to one row to another, alternate ,will be great. I mean: 1st background black 2nd background white, 3rd backgound black, 4th background white and so on...
There is a setting in the Layout tab of the List page called 'Striped' which will do this.
Fabrik sets the class table-striped.

If your J! template supports Bootstrap5 (prerequesite for Fabrik) it should provide the correct CSS.
The template I’m using now is Helix ultimate, and Fabrik is installed and working…so I guess is supporting it.

Where should I check for CSS?

Browser inspect tool is your best friend when dealing with CSS.

Right click on your table's highlighted row. Find the tr (row) element on the left and on the right see what css is being applied to this element and in which file.

In the attached photo you can see the applied css on the right. You need to copy this to your Fabrik template's custom css file, so it will be something like:
.table-striped > tbody > tr:nth-of-type(odd) {
    background-color: red!important;

Hello Hello Guys, always me.:)

Now I would like to understand if in the page where result are showed: Could I build up "something" in the side column? I mean, I would like to create a menau that will lead to the old data...


You can use the Fabrik content plugin to insert Fabrik into articles or modules (enable "Prepare content")
or you can use a Fabrik list module or a Fabrik form module.
Thanks Troester, but I don't get it.

I mean, I've tried to use Fabrik list module and Fabrik form module, without success. I cannot lead the information in there to be showed...or I'm not able.

Also the link you indicate, yes, it's explaining the fields what they mean, but how to create / manage them? I can just see pictures, but no info on how to create them:

Fabrik Form Module.PNG
Fabrik List module.PNG
.table-striped > tbody > tr:nth-of-type(odd) {
    background-color: red!important;

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Ok, i've been able to find the class to be modified, but I'm now in trouble: because if I'm working on a "global" level, using the class "main#sp-component.col-lg-12" yes i can customize the table, but also all the pages now are modified with the same modify:

Here the table:


while, if I'm using "separated" class, like div.sp-page-title and div.page-header i can modify only the table, but not all the rows, like as enclosed, no way to change the "title" row (3rd from above) and the last one...and also second one from above is wider than others...but here the other pages are not modified by these CSS class


Where I'm doing wrong?




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Module creation is Joomla, not Fabrik.

System -> Manage/Site modules -> New etc.
Hello troester, thank you.

Maybe is the only thing that I know .

But what I would like to explain: you are posting lot of link, to help me. But the explanation over there are very generalistic and to understand it you should have a good level of practice. While, if you are like me, they are useless…because for a newby they are uncomprensible…

Sorry but is like this…


Hi Paolo,
with Fabrik simple apps and also very sophisticated apps can be build.
For simple apps no big php/css kowledge is needed, but as soon as you start in requiring non standard use cases / designs you should have more knowledge about these areas. This is not Fabrik specific.

I know, sometimes it is hard to find the correct css-definitions (I'm currently struggling with a similiar problem).

In general: more specific requirements -> more knowledge of Joomla/php/css is required
I know, sometimes it is hard to find the correct css-definitions (I'm currently struggling with a similiar problem).
Hello wezetel, thank you.

I know, indeed I’m trying ask for support: is not the aim of a “Community Help (users helping users)”??

But also yes, if the “helping users” are posting link to assist the “helped users” and those link are not saying anything useful, I wonder where is the help.

But most probably I’m me that don’t understand…
We are in need of some funding.
More details.

Thank you.

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