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Advanced search does not work with Fabrik 4.0 Zeta and Joomla 5

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Hello I am testing Fabrik 4.0 Zeta with Joomla 5. I have noticed that the advanced search no longer works in Joomla 4 and with Fabrik 4.0 Epsilon it still worked.
Unfortunately I have not tested Fabrik 4.0 Zeta with Joomla 4 if it works with Joomla 4. What can I do to make the advanced search with Fabrik 4.0 Zeta work again with Joomla 5?

I still have a screen shot of error attached

Greetings Marco


  • Advanced search.png
    Advanced search.png
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Usually JS errors are the reason for sticky spinner.
Have a look in your browser console.
I checked with the Browser Console and the message is Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 () see atteched files.



  • Browser Console Message.png
    Browser Console Message.png
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Try if you get more informations in the Network tab, maybe there's an error message
The link shows

(which should also be found in the "Response" tab of the network tab.
This looks J!5 related.
Can you enable J! System debug and try again? This should show the error stack (in the Response tab or if calling the link directly)
Can you try to change line 81 to


in libraries\fabrik\fabrik\fabrik\Document\Renderer\Partial\HeadRenderer.php
Good morning

I have edited line 81

Now it looks like it works correctly

Thanks for the excellent support

Regards Marco
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Thank you.

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