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after update to joomla 4

Thanks, the error in backend disappeared.

The source of the lists are customized templates and are into the folder: components/com_fabrik/views/list/tmpl. Each template has its own folder including some files and the folder layout.

Is it necessary to change anything in the template files?
Quite likely.
Compare the F3 default templates with F4 default templates to see what has changed.
Hi, I have compared the default.php file coming from the folder of the customized template in fabrik 4 (that is taken from the server) and the default.php file coming from the folder of the customized template in fabrik 3 (taken from a backup) and they are exactly the same.
I have compared only the default.php file
Compare the F3 default templates with F4 default templates to see what has changed.
The Fabrik default templates are bootstrap/div (whatever you have used as starting point for your custom template).
Compare what has changed from F3 to F4 and adapt your custom template according to these changes.
Thanks so much troester. I’m going to ask you some questions to make sure I get it right:

- Have I to check every single file which is into the folder (of the customized template) of the server where is installed joomla 4 and fabrik 4 with the correspondent files of a backup copy with joomla 3 and fabrik 3?

- When I will find some differences, have I to correct the files in fabrik 4 by copying the differences which are in the files in fabrik 3? That is adapting F4 template based on the content of F3 template?

- When you say to compare the files of F3 and F4 you mean to know the changes made to have the customized template previously for F3 and amend F4 template in order to have the same customization? That is customizing F4 template?
It depends on your changes.

The "cleanest" solution is to take a copy of the F4 Fabrik template and re-add the adapted (F4, Bootstrap5 etc) modification you made for your custom F3 templates.
Hi, I have chosen to change the templates ex novo. When upgrading from F3 to F4, about the customized templates, are there some changes to make in the backend to mantain previous settings of the customized templates?

I have noticed a difference between my previous customized templates and the current ones: in frontend previously each record was into a sort of grey rectangle as background; now each record has no background and are separated from a line. How can I restore the grey rectangle as background?
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Thanks for your availability. I am attaching a picture of two consecutive records. You can see they have grey background. After the update to the version 4 the grey background disappeared. Actually the background is blank (white). So no delimitation between a record and the following one.
How can I restore the grey background as showed in picture?


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This depends on your list settings (Layout = striped?), your Joomla template (does it define something like .table-striped>tbody>tr:nth-of-type(odd)>td ?) and maybe custom CSS you added.
It's working with Cassiopeia and Atum.