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Can't delete record in list view, div template

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Hi, Fabrik 4.0 Zeta, Joomla 5. When I change list template to 'div', I can't delete record and in my browser console appears this error: 'Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'submit')'.

When I switch to bootstrap template and click delete button, I get confirmation message and then record is deleted. In case of 'div' template no confirmation message pops, so maybe this is the cause - I don't have the possibility to confirm deletion.
Ah, yes.
In components\com_fabrik\layouts\fabrik-bootstrap-grid.php line 24 the logic is the wrong way round.
Please change it to
$id = isset($s->spanId) ? 'id="' . $s->spanId . '"' : '';
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