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Can't get frontend select to work


Frontend selecting for both fileupload and image is not working

I get error :

JFolder: :folder: Path is not a folder. Path: /xxxxxxxx/public_html/imagespath/{$my->id}/
Make sure you don't have any non-printable characters, spaces, HTML formatting etc inside {}
What is 'imagespath'?
What are your exact element settings?
Make sure you don't have any non-printable characters, spaces, HTML formatting etc inside {}
no non-printable characters there
What is 'imagespath'?
the path to the image folder
JFolder: :files: Path is not a folder. Path: /xxxx/xxxx/public_html/images/user/{$my->id}/images/
JFolder: :folder: Path is not a folder. Path: /xxxx/xxxx/public_html/images/user/{$my->id}/
What are your exact element settings?
which of the setting?
As you see from the url. The image is in my-id folder for each user.

When I inspect the console I see this error.
HTTP404: NOT FOUND - The server has not found anything matching the requested URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).
GET - https://www.xxxxxxx.xx/images/user/772/images/user/772
The images part is repeated twice
At what point do you see that error? Like, when submitting the form, or when selecting a path on the form view, or when displaying in list / details, etc.

-- hugh
The warning shows on the page when loading the form.

But the paths to the image are weird in all form, list and detail view when you inspect the page.

Note that all my current forms are loaded using -1 of that would mean anything
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I found and fixed an issue in the upload element with using folder selection, on submit, which would have been causing the folder selection to be ignored. But I still can't get it to exhibit the behavior you are describing with the doubled up folder path.

Here's that fix:


... and although I don't think it'll help, try it, and see if it has any effect on your other observed issues, after re-uploading a file.

-- hugh

The fix didn't make any difference.

This issue is from the image element (The one throwing the error on the page.)

I just mentioned the fileupload cos "Allow subfolder selection" wasn't working properly with the fileupload too
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I have both the fileupload and image element on this form

Error now looks like this (I believe this is from the image element since it is not displayed when I disable the image element)
JFolder: :files: Path is not a folder. Path: /xxxx/public_html/images/u/{$my->id}/
JFolder: :folder: Path is not a folder. Path: /xxxx/public_html/images/u/{$my->id}/

If I set "Allow subfolder selection" I get this error (The third one is obviously from the fileupload)
JFolder: :folder: Path is not a folder. Path: /xxxx/public_html/images/u/{$my->id}
JFolder: :files: Path is not a folder. Path: /xxxx/public_html/images/u/{$my->id}/
JFolder: :folder: Path is not a folder. Path: /xxxx/public_html/images/u/{$my->id}/

If I dont use $my->id, say I put a folder in the image element. It works fine. The issue is with the my->id part
Also note that for the image element.

If no image has been selected yet the list/detail view displays a broken image with the correct folder path. www.xxxx.com/images/u/pp. Where pp is the user id.
The broken image should not be displayed as the user hasn't made a selection for an image to display.

My setting:
Image - images/u/{$my->id} (I believe this field takes image path so no need to display broken image in frontend)
Frontend Select - Yes
Not sure where I left off. I think the threads have some portions missing.
I still need to solve this.
I cant find the professional support subscription page.
How do I proceed?
We migrated to a new site. But I just checked this thread on the old site, and nothing is missing.

As per my response on another thread, I think the only way I can move forward with this and the other remaining stubborn issues is to install an Akeeba clone of your site here, so I can create a PHP Storm project on it and do line level debugging. I did try to replicate what you are seeing, but can't. Which is not wildly unusual, as issues sometimes only arise with specific combinations of settings, some of which may not seem relevant. And obviously if I can't replicate it, I can't fix it.

We're basically moving away from "all you can eat" subscription support, and to a "pay as you go" system. Sub support kinda worked in the early days, but as J! itself has lost market share, and Fabrik has become more complex, and the apps people create and the issues they come up with become more complex and corner case, we just can't do the "all you can eat" thing any more.

I'm working on a way for people to buy support hours, and a ticketing / time management system, but that won't be ready for at least a week or so.

Meanwhile, I'm happy to install your site here and fix this stuff, as long as you'll do a Cub Scout's Honor thing to buy an hour of support, once that's up. I don't have exact pricing, but an hour will be in the same ballpark as a Pro sub.

-- hugh
Wow. That went up real fast (I haven't even reached where I'll need proper support - these issues listed were unforeseen annoyances).
I'm actually bootstrapping on this project. The reality on ground is we dont get funding here in my country due to the poor structure on ground.

In any case I really need these issues to disappear.
Please provide me a payment link so I can make the payment asap.

I'll appreciate if I can get a discount at some point. I want to believe your fees are minimal on your end there but after applying the exchange rate in my currency....it stops being tea money. Its actually almost twice the minimum monthly wage here
Hello @cheesegrits I still have this issue. I really need this to be solved in order for the website to be useable.
I tried filling the form at the Help Center but it throws an error.
How do I proceed on this?