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I'd like to achieve the following

A user registers via the normal Joomla registration. Now he ist in status Registered. this works already
By filling in more details in a Fabric form he can become a "Requestor".
To become a Requestor the user needs to choose a so called "Sponsor" from a dropdown list.

All users can become a Sponsor but this is done with a manual assignment by the admin via the "sponsors" form.

I have a list/form called "sponsors" with an element (sponsor_name) using databasejoin to take a full_name from a table of existing "Requestors". In total this list only has three elements - date_time, id and sponsor_name (Value = ID , label = full_name).

Another list/form which makes the user a "Requestor" is also using databasejoin and is supposed to show the list of full_names in this form as a dropdown list. Here I used Value = ID and label = sponsor_name

Now the problem is that always only the ID shows up in the dropdown list and i cant show the sponsor_name.

Where is the problem in your eyes?
Another list/form which makes the user a "Requestor" is also using databasejoin
To which list/table? "sponsors" or "Requestors"?
So you have to use the concat label to fetch the original label, see the WIKI link.
just tried concat and used the example form the wiki


the result in the drop down list is "test-430", "test-431" etc. where 430 and 431 are the ID's
(SELECT s.sponsor_name FROM sponsors s WHERE = {thistable}.sponsor_name)
I'm not sure about your setup.
Which elements of which type in which form are exactly pointing to where?
Do you have multiple Fabrik connections?
You can't crossjoin.
table Requestors (user_profile) has elements of following types
calc which combines first_name and last_name from the same table to full_name
yesno to block user
yesno for forced password reset
databasejoin to a table that contains nationalities
databasejoin to joomla_users value = ID , label = ID
databasejoin to sponsors element = sponsor; value = ID ; concat label "(SELECT s.sponsor_name FROM sponsors s WHERE = {thistable}.sponsor_name)"

table sponsors (sponsors) has elements of following type
databasejoin to Requestors (user_profile) element = sponsor_name; value = ID , Label = full_name

now that I type this I realized that it could be a crossjoin indeed if user_profile has a database join to sponsors and sponsors a databasejoin to user_profile ... Do you think this is the reason for blank fields?
We are in need of some funding.
More details.

Thank you.

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