Error After Joomla Update to 3.9.16


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In edit list->details->layout
Fields: Front-end template, Admin template, PDF template are empty.
In Edit form->Layout
Fields: every dropdown for select template is empty
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /administrator/components/com_fabrik/models/fields/fabriktemplate.php on line 60

PHP - 7.2
Fabrik - Latest Github
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I've pointed it to @cheesegrits
Similar error
/administrator/components/com_fabrik/models/fields/fabrikfolderlist.php on line 54
e.g. if editing a viz
Looks like a bug in Joomla.

They changed libraries\joomla\form\fields\folderlist.php to

$path = ltrim($this->directory, '/');
if (!is_dir($path))....

but after ltrim is_dir() is false and getOptions is returning NULL
Hi, since for various reasons I cannot update via github for now I have restored the code of the joomla library bringing it back to the one previous to 3.9.16 do you think I will have problems from other parts of the site? do you think joomla will modify this bug?
Thanks, I did as recommended by troester and it seems to be working well, thanks again for avoiding me to act in a way that is surely wrong and dangerous for the site.

can someone please test Joomla Pull request 28393 found on github so I can merge it in Joomla! 3.9.17 to fix the issue for all extensions?


Harald Leithner
You should not restore (or update with) only parts of some code. It's likely that running Joomla3.6.19 with "old" Joomla library code will break somewhere.
I think (no warranty, but I have it done on some sites, too) you can run Joomla3.9.16 + original Fabrik3.9 + updating the 2 Fabrik files addressing the Joomla bug.
@troester Is "your" patch also needed for Joomla 3.9.18?
Running 30+ joomla sites....

No, they corrected the bug in J!3.9.17

But if you added the patch for J!3.9.16 it won't hurt with J!3.9.18.

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