• Hello Fabrik Community

    Fabrik is now in the hands of the development team that brought you Fabrik for Joomla 4. We have recently transitioned the Fabrik site over to a new server and are busy trying to clean it up. We have upgraded the site to Joomla 4 and are running the latest version of Fabrik 4. We have also upgraded the Xenforo forum software to the latest version. Many of the widgets you might have been used to on the forum are no longer operational, many abandoned by the developers. We hope to bring back some of the important ones as we have time.

    Exciting times to be sure.

    The Fabrik 4.0 Official release is now available. In addition, the Fabrik codebase is now available in a public repository. See the notices about these in the announcements section

    We wish to shout out a very big Thank You to all of you who have made donations. They have really helped. But we can always use more...wink..wink..

    Also a big Thank You to those of you who have been assisting others in the forum. This takes a very big burden off of us as we work on bugs, the website and the future of Fabrik.

Fabrik 4 Announcement

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Hello Fabrik Community,

In case you missed the blog post, we are putting the announcement here as well:

We’re excited to announce that we have started the process of engaging with a private company to take over the Fabrik assets and continue to lead and assist the Fabrik 4 effort. We are very excited and happy to say that this company is run by a long time Fabrik user. We have met with the three active developers of the Fabrik 4 beta, and they are in full support of this direction. We will be making another announcement in the coming months when the agreement is completed, and the new company will take over.

In the meantime, please feel free to get engaged in the Fabrik 4 forum. The forum will be administered by henk, achartier, troester, and lousyfool. We highly encourage everyone that can help in any way from coding to testing to get involved!

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We are in need of some funding.
More details.

Thank you.

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