Is possible edit record from popup?


On form "CC-21 - Formularz: Nowa karta produkcji" I use popup for field: "Zamawiaj?cy".
Popup is a table "CC-21 - 37 - Dopisywanie Zamawiaj?cych i ich Nr Zam?wie?".

Our users need - if possible - not only select record from "popup form" but earlier edit/modify choosen record and next select it.

Is this possible?


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I think if the user has edit access to the records he should see the edit/view buttons (if you didn't disable them) (analogue to the Add button at the top) and should be able to edit.
Oooo! really this works when i use option "Render buttons as Inline"
List --> Link --> Render buttons as Inline

But one thing else, is any way - when "save" record open for edit in popup - to get in the same time selection from popup with this record to field "Zamawiaj?cy" ( this is autocomplete field)?
you would most likely have to use a php form plugin to query the database and get the fields time value.