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Hey guys,

What happened to the site/fabrik/fabrik/Helpers directory when installing fabrik 4.0 zeta? In version 3.10 it was redirected to the libraries/fabrik/fabrik/fabrik/Helpers directory, but in the current version this directory and its files no longer appear. I would like to know what happened or if they went to another location because I made changes to the Html.php file in this directory and I don't know exactly what to do to update this update from version 3.10 to 4.0
When I install the component in a zeroed Joomla, the path libraries/fabrik/fabrik/fabrik/Helpers/Html.php is actually created in Joomla, but the Html.php file, for example, is not within the path site/fabrik/fabrik /Helpers/Html.php downloaded from fabrik version 4.0 as it was in version 3.10.

What happens is that I have updates inside this html.php file and I need to update the installation zip with my modifications, but I couldn't find this file to update, how is it generated in the Joomla libraries folder without being inside the installation zip? I still don't understand that...
The library is a separate install within the package. You will need to unzip the package, unzip the library, make your changes, rezip the library and then rezip the package.