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Hello everyone,

I looked over the forum and there are couple of similar question but they are older posts.
So my trouble is the following. I have 3 tables joint together via one relation table.
Table 1 - Project, Table 2 - Activities, Table 3 - Sub activities, Table 4 is relation table containing joints elements to the other 3 tables. In terms of form design its ok but in a list view I am trying to get grouping by each table. Something Like
Project 1
-Activity 1
-Subactivity 1
-Activity 2
-Subactivity 1
- Activity 3
-Subactivity 1
Project 2
-Activity 1
-Subactivity 1
-Activity 2
-Subactivity 1

For the top level table Project grouping works thought settings in the list but for the other tables its not possible, I guess due to limitation of fabrik. I am looking for advise for the best way to go to achieve the above.

According my knowledge grouping has just one level possible.
One idea came in my mind, when I read your post (just an idea, not tested at all):
Choose 'project' in your lists (details->) layout definition as tab-field. And 'Acivity' as (data->) group-by field..
As said: just a never tested idea :)
Thank you wezetel. I just tried it . Actually kind of works. I need to clean up and remove some of the elements not to show. So I can get just subactivity elements bellow activities but its not bad. But I think I will get stuck with the fourth table that I need to add which is tasks under sub activities :) but thank you vey much for this move forward . I attached the screenshot how it looks.



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Good luck with the 4th level. This is something above my level of knowledge. The question is, if tasks really need to be displayed in the 'general' list or if a custom link should lead to the details of a project...
Thank you both of you for the help. I am in some kind of almost done but too far to finish :).
troester I tried the related feature to some kind of get to the 4th level but I have a slight problem. When I click on the item to get its related data on the next window I get all the data from table not just the data for that the single item. To illustrate I have the following:
Activity 1
SubActivity 1 View (related data link)
SubActivity 2 View (related data link)
Activity 2
SubActivity 1 View (related data link)
SubActivity 2 View (related data link)

I click on View for SubActivity 1 and on the next screen I get the following

Activity 1 SubActivity 1 Task 1
Activity 1 SubActivity 2 Task 2

Activity 2 SubActivity 1 Task 1
Activity 2 SubActivity 2 Task 2

I need to get only the data for the associated link for the above example just for Subactivity 1.

Any idea? Thank you very much for all the help.

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Thank you.

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