Menu Prefilter: date format unknown for {$my->id} replacing with today's date

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Bruce Decker
Hi All,
I'm on Fabrik 4.0 standard.
I am migrating a site from J3. Most things are working but noticed that I have a menu that points at a list with the following Prefilter defined within the menu (not the list).
- OR
Element=Subscriber ID(raw)
Value {$my->id}

When I have this defined in the menu, I get the error shows in the title as a message at the top of the list display.
If I remove the pre-filter from the menu, the message goes away,
I am going to move the prefilter from the menu to the list itself to see if the same error appears.
will report as I make progress.
Tested by moving the 'prefilter' definition from the menu to the list and it works without issue. Moving it back to the menu, and the issue reappears. Will open report in the bugs sections.
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More details.

Thank you.

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